Ad Space

We have several ad sizes and placements available for sponsored advertising at Nebraska Community Websites.

Principle Sponsor

The principle sponsor receives the most coveted space on the community website, the top banner. It indicates support and commitment to the town residents and visitors. Top visibility in desktop and all mobile devices. Yearly commitment

    $3,600 per year billed on a monthly basis

    Size up to 600px x 110px above website menu.

Custom designed and placed by the Nebraska Community Website Project

Community Sustaining Sponsor Ad

The community sustaining ads are visible in ALL participating newsletter websites  (more than 12 communities and growing). Yearly commitment.

Multiple your exposure with a Community Sustaining advertising. Each business has premier rotating top banner placement in all county websites in addition to footer placement in all newsletters.

    Size 500px x 100px

    $468.00 per year billed at $39 per month

Featured Website Ad

The featured website ad receives the premier section on the upper right column. It is visible on the first page of every website and newsletter view. This section is designed as a rotating feature and only two business can purchase this spot for maximum visibility. Yearly commitment.

There is an option of purchasing both spots in this space with two different complimentary ads which will rotate.

    $672.00 per year billed a $56 per month

   Ad Size 300px x 300px

Web Site Ad

The community website ad is a great advertising option promote your business to visitors to the website. It is visible to all viewers and can be linked directly to your website. Available in 3 different sizes. Quarterly commitment.

Ads will be visible in the right column and appear to the right of the newsletter and any website content.

    3 Month Exposure

    $95.00 Small 300px x 300px
    125.00 Medium 300px x 600px
    175.00 Large 300px x 900px


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