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Any website is sustainable only if there is a dependable source of fresh content. Visitors must have an expectation that each visit will be rewarded with valuable fresh content. The Wednesday Newsletters bring a flow of fresh content on a weekly basis, that insures our visitors expectations will be met. A community website without a Newsletter will fail to meet visitors expectations, will not be visited, and will represent no value for anyone.

Newsletter Goals, Guidelines and Requirements
Nebraska Community Websites is a project that is funded by Community Sponsors. Acceptable businesses and groups purchase banner advertising that is displayed across Cass, South Sarpy and Otoe counties in Nebraska. Banners are located in popular sections of each Community Website such as: City or Village municipal information, Meeting Minutes, Classified Ads and the "What's New" Section displaying the latest Wednesday Newsletter content.. Articles from local Editors provide genuine hometown fresh content rewarding visitors and providing a reason to return frequently. All content is flagged & tagged for easy Sharing on popular Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. We have concluded that small is good, and that we have most to contribute to a Community that has but a single Postal ZIPcode. More than that, and our services are not as valuable and consequently or essential CRAMES model is incomplete.

The goal of the Community Newsletter is to acquire and distribute relevant, accurate, valuable and/or entertaining information that supports and promotes the quality of life in small town Nebraska. News worthiness is subjective but it will probably be defined as timely information that is 1) relevant to the specific community, 2) is useful or entertaining and 3) supports a theme that is positive and/or promotes small town life style and/or values. When in doubt, trivial will be considered valuable if it communicates the culture of Small Town Nebraska. As a starting point we have concluded that small is good, and that we have most to contribute to a Community that has but a single Postal ZIPcode. More than that, and our services are not as valuable and consequently our essential CRAMES model is incomplete. If we anticipate that is the case; we will politely excuse ourselves and direct you to other possible resources.

Newsletters should be a minimum of 3 Paragraphs, should touch on a minimum of 3 Topics, and be less than 2 pages in length. The Newsletter ideally should be able to fit on one side of an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper, such that a person could print it and stick it on the fridge, or next to the breakfast cereal bowl. The Newsletter should refrain from trying to compete with existing sources of Hard News. We should do what we can do well which is to communicate small town topics and ideas to the folks that value such topics and ideas. We recognize that CNN and the Wall Street Journal are not interested in our local Boy Scouts or the 4H and or the Church Bake sale. That then provides our opportunity to provide value. We will not try to further any political or religious agenda. Not because these are not valuable or relevant, but because we do not have the resources or the time to be fair to all sides.

All Newsletters will be Edited before they are published, by a Senior Editor in and Editorial changes are final.
All Newsletters need to be received before 8:01 am on the Deadline Day. Honesty is absolutely critical. Fabrication in any form is grounds for contract termination. If an editor desires to embellish a story, or use a certain whimsical license for effect or flair that departure from the truth needs to be made clear when the Newsletter is submitted for approval.

The development of Editorial style has several benefits and is encouraged. Style makes crafting your Newsletters more artistic and more enjoyable. It makes your work more enjoyable to read. If we discover that friends and neighbors look forward to your newsletters, then we will be able to say that you are definitely a successful editor. For inspiration on this subject of style, I suggest reading Garrison Keillor's "A Prairie Home Companion".

Be an Editor!
We want you to consider being an Editor for your Community Newsletter. If you can send an email, you have the all the tools you need for the basics.
It is our job to make it fun, rewarding, and easy to manage even with a busy schedule. A perfect Editor is someone that enjoys writing, is proud of their Community, knows the folks in town well enough to ask what is new. Good candidates are Seniors with a talent for writing and a little extra time, Mature and dependable Students that have a nose for News, Stay-at-Home Moms that have a little time before the kids get home from school, and you. Go ahead and send an application, no commitment. We will talk with you and answer all your questions!

Independent Contractor Relationship
If you agree to accept the responsibility for Community Newsletter Editor, you will become an independent contractor for Nebraska Community Websites, a division of WireBuilt Company a Nebraska Sole Proprietorship wholly owned by Irina Harrington Louisville, NE 68037 402-968-0821. At no time will you be an employee of any kind, and as such there will be no deductions made from any monies paid you for completed and approved Newsletters. You will be solely responsible for any and all taxes and there will be no benefits paid beyond the monies earned for Accepted Newsletters.

Contract Termination
Contracts can be terminated by Editors for any reason. Contracts can be terminated by Nebraska Community Websites, for significant violation of Editor Rules and/or Requirements.

The Community Member Value Proposition  (Old & New):

Originally the Community Member Value Proposition was: In exchange for a Revocable Charter we will create for you a permanent beautiful website, and a Weekly Newsletter - to help communicate the unique quality of life you enjoy, to help attract families and businesses to call your community their new forever home. In 2000 this was an amazing unique proposition and the network grew quickly. Since 2000 things like Facebook made access to the internet very common and expected, so we needed to enhance the Value Proposition - and effective 7/1/2017 the new offering was announced. Small rural communities have multiple opportunities to place content on the internet, but we are now providing an opportunity to monetize the internet - as an addition to the Bake Sales' the Fish Fries we are now providing the 5-5-5 program. Ad revenues from Community Websites are donated 5% to the Community, 5% to the Newsletter Editor that creates the Weekly Newsletter, and 5% to a Community Organization (VFD, Boosters, Churches, Food Banks) on an ongoing basis! As this new model grows we will need creative people to help us to be the best we can be! Interested? Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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